Ted Dziuba old blog archive

Ted Dziuba: noted Silicon Valley entrepeneur, smart Linux/software guy, great writer, and all-around trolling bad-ass. A while back Ted took down his old blog at teddziuba.com and started over with a new blog. However, he left the posts from his old blog publically accessibly on github. As a personal fan of the site, I decided to try my hand at hacking it together and re-hosting it here. Ted gave his implicit permission here on Twitter, but as the original author, if he asks me take this down at any time, I will.

So without further ado, on to the archives!. All of the links, images, etc. should be working. Even the Atom feed should work despite Google's draconian caching polcies in Google Reader. If you are interested in the technical details of how I kludged this together, take a look at the wiki page of my github repo (it's not that exciting). Also, I recommend you start with Effective Vices for the IT Professional, definitely one of my favorites on this blog.

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