piglet.jpgIn software, there are no silver bullets.  In internal combustion engine mechanics, however, there are plenty. And I just discovered one.

It's called Sea Foam, and it will cure what ails 'ya.

My wife's first motorcycle was a Honda Rebel 250.  She upgraded too late in the season and couldn't sell the starter before winter showed up.  Winter time is a dead zone for the used motorcycle market in the San Francisco Bay Area, so the Rebel sat in the parking garage for 5 months.  Being lazy, I didn't properly store it. 

We went to fire it up yesterday to prepare it for its 15 minutes of Craigslist fame, and it wouldn't turn over.  Gasoline, if left long enough, will degrade into a mucky varnish that cakes the inside of your carburetors.

I poured half a can of Sea Foam into the tank and let it sit for a few minutes.  I cranked it again and it made a few pathetic putts.  A few more cranks, a few more putts, but after about 5 tries, the Rebel roared to life.

A six dollar bottle of some petroleum distillate has the same end effect as a three hundred dollar carburetor job.

I am detecting much win in this sector.