I really love it when people just do their jobs.  I feel gifted whenever I call a company and get a customer support representative who know what they are doing and actually cares about me.

It's rare, but it happens.

Worst ISP Ever

For a while, I had Comcast's cable internet service.  It was clear after two years of putting up with their horseshit that they don't care about customers at all.

Oh, wait, they set up a Twitter account.

Fantastic, but my BitTorrent shit still didn't work on their network.  Their installation staff is rude and has questionable hygeine, and their customer support representatives are downright lazy.

Switch to AT&T Now

When I moved, my first order of business was to call Comcast and tell them it's over.  They said my service wouldn't end until I brought back my cable modem, and of course, the place I need to bring it back to is only open during working hours.

I took off work early to get this little brick of dissatisfaction back to its rightful owner, because fuck them.

At the same time, I was waiting for AT&T to show up and install U-Verse internet service.  They did, and shit was impressive.

  • They told me the tech would be at my house any time from noon to 2pm on a Sunday.  The tech showed up at noon on the dot.
  • It took him about an hour to set up the service.  When he left, he gave me a card with his direct cell phone number.  If I had any problem in the next ten days, I called him directly and he would come fix it.
  • An hour after he left, the service went out.  I called him, and he was back at my house within 30 minutes.  It turns out there was something wrong with the line from the street to my house, and he had to get another tech out to fix it.  That guy showed up, fixed the problem, and was on his way.  The two of them were at my place until 8pm on a Sunday until the job was done right.
I've been using the service for almost a week now and it's great.

  • No BitTorrent fuckery.  All my torrents work great, and I can seed.
  • 10 megabits downstream, 1.5 megabits upstream.
Great job, AT&T, you actually care about the people paying your salaries.