So that's it, I'm finally done with Movable Type. I had upgraded my 4.x install to the newest 5.x, and the process was nothing but a colossal fuckup. After the fact, my site was compromised 4 times by my last count — some bot set up a handful of phishing pages here. RSA security caught it, notified Dreamhost, and they shut me down a couple of times.

Anyhow, rather than figure out the attack vector with Movable Type, I decided to scrap it and use Jekyll. It only took me a day and a couple of angry Python scripts to migrate all my shit to Jekyll from MT. Comments are still off because I don't care in the slightest what people have to say, and certainly not enough to slow my stuff down with Javascript.

One of the reasons I used MT in the first place was that it generated static HTML pages for all posts, instead of doing something silly like querying a database to generate what amounts to static content. Because of this, my pages load (first request to final render) in about 300 milliseconds on my home connection. For comparison, can take upwards of 1 minute from first request to final render.

In this regard, Jekyll feels right. I can keep everything under version control, the templating is only marginally braindead, and the publishing step is rsync. After using Jekyll, I feel like every other blogging engine out there is telling me, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!".

It's also come to my attention that the re-do with Jekyll has caused my posts to show up afresh in all of your Google Reader accounts. This was unintentional, but a nice benefit. It's true, this is the greatest web site on the internet, and everything you need to know, you can find out here.